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When an ostracod is swallowed, it emits a burst of light, making the cardinal fish spit it out.


When an ostracod is swallowed, it emits a burst of light, making the cardinal fish spit it out.

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Here’s the thing.

So many guys when you tell them off for being assholes to fat women, or any women they consider unattractive really, immediately respond with something like

"Wow, people can’t have preferences?? You can’t MAKE me be attracted to someone I’m not! You’re saying if I don’t date every fat/ugly women I’m a terrible person??"

No. No, I am not saying that. I never mentioned dating. I never mentioned having to find us attractive. You can be attracted to whoever the fuck you want.

All I want is to be treated like a human. To be treated with respect.

That’s what we all want. Fat women, women with bad skin, women with crooked noses or short legs or frizzy hair.

We don’t want you all to fall over yourselves in love or lust. We want you to respect us. Not find us attractive, just respect us.

And so many men don’t. If a woman is not attractive to him, she does not exist. And when you alert him to this fact, he says “well, it’s not my fault I don’t find her attractive…” As if THATS the problem.

No, the problem is that when women ask for respect, he immediately equates respect with sexual attraction. Because that’s all he sees women as. Someone to have sex with, or decor. Not a fully realized human being worthy of respect. In order for her to even consider receiving such a thing, she must first pass the test of “would I fuck her?”

I’m not asking you to love me. I’m not asking you to fuck me. I’m not asking you to think I’m pretty.

All I’m asking is that you realize FOR ONE SECOND, that I’m more than that. Ignore my face and my body and just see me as a person. You could think I look like a bridge troll, I don’t give a fuck. But that should have no bearing on how you treat me as a person.

When you ignore or look down on every woman you don’t wanna fuck, you’re missing out on a helluva lot of fantastic people.

"Feminism. The radical notion that women are people"


Danila Kovalev


Danila Kovalev

I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.

—Jon Stewart   (via neonchills)

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Chantelle Brown-Young

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Dragon protecting princesses because of abusive parents or forced marrying.

the dragon teaching princess how to protect herself, princess returning home riding her trusty dragon friend and killing everyone who tries to control her

Princess taking over throne and dragon continues to be loyal friend. Burning everyone and everything that disagrees with her.